How to consign a lot for next benefit auction ?, a benefit auction in support of the cultural heritage and photographic activities of the Municipality of Senigallia.
Article 1. Two auctions specialized in photography are organized in the city of Senigallia under the name of every year.
Article 2. The City of Senigallia, beneficiary of the operation, helps for promotion and logistics.
Article 3. The auctions offer both collector’s photographs and other visual arts, both pre-digital and contemporary. The lots are meticulously described and presented with a printed catalogue and an online site.
Article 4. The proposed works shall be selected for their quality and rarity. The organizer, supported by a scientific committee, reserves the right to accept or reject a lot.
Article 5. When he registers, the buyer agrees to give to charity the part usually known as auction rights for the benefit of the collections of the Municipality of Senigallia. This share is 20% of the price beaten for each lot.
The buyer may request that his donation be made public.
Article 6. The seller, for example an artist, may give away a work of his, in which case the donation is indicated below the description of the lot.
Article 7. The product for the benefit of the municipality will be paid within three months of each auction. This money must be invested to enrich the collections of pre-digital photography of the Municipality of Senigallia (printed before 1989) and for the creation of a prize for photography and studies of the history of photography. The 50% of the total of the product will be reserved for acquisitions and the other 50% for the creation of a prize called “Bugatti Prize” in honor of Carlo Emanuele Bugatti and his ideas.
Article 8. The acquisitions can be made on the territory of the Municipality by families, at fairs and markets or during auctions, or by visitors who come to Senigallia to present proposals to those responsible for acquisitions.
Article 9. The seller shall pay 20 % of the hammer price for the various expenses, for each lot sold. If it is not sold, there are no fees.
Please note: people who facilitate the delivery of material receive a commission of 3% on the net result of the delivered.
Article 10. The minimum price at the start of the auction coincides with the basic price.
Therefore a lot valued at 300/400 euros will not be offered for less than 300 euros.
Unsold lots can be traded the next day – usually on a Sunday – through bids called “after sale”. Bids slightly below the basic price will be accepted with the agreement of the seller. Buyers pay the same fee for the collections of the Municipality of Senigallia.
Article 11. Descriptions – The following data are verified: Identification, attribution, date of printing, signatures, stamps and annotations and provenance.
The buyer receives a certificate and has a period of one month to contest the description with relevant arguments. Corrections and clarifications are published on the website
Article 12. Auctions are organised on Saturday afternoons. The municipality of Senigallia provides the organization with the auditorium of the Bavarian auction house for auction day as well as some rooms of the auction house to ensure the display of objects for a period of 7 days. The exhibition and the public visit lasts 7 days plus the morning of the auction: from Saturday to the following Friday, from 10 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm. On the Sunday following the auction, in addition to the bids on unsold lots, the sale of the lots of contained value offered in the catalogue will also take place.
Whenever possible, a partial exhibition is organised in Paris or New York in the month preceding the auction.
Article 13. The auction is accessible online with the French company Drouot Digital. We also accept bids by phone or email during the previous week. Bids received are recorded and the highest bid price is taken as the starting point on auction day. The hitter then announces the best bid.
Article 14. Italian photographs printed before 1970 and sold over 10,000 euros, require a permit to leave the territory. The organiser assists customers as far as possible free of charge. In general, the export permits that can be obtained will be received before the auction.
Article 15. Anti-money laundering module. Every European buyer must agree to comply with the current anti-money laundering legislation (Legislative Decree 231/2007) and declare any family relationships with politically exposed persons.
Article 16. The names of the twelve experts of the Scientific Committee are published on the website. Buyers who so wish shall have the name published in the results. The calendar, the results, the past catalogues, will be on the site — The competent court is Ancona. di Serge Plantureux, EU VAT: IT 02804640429.
Order of the catalogue